march in shanghai,it is a good time to enjoy plum. remember, on march 23, we meet in shanghai, this is destined to belong to the flowering phase of fic, has in full bloom only at your arrival! there are only just ten days, please arrange trips well in advance.

plum appreciation period: on march 23-25

name of the plum appreciation festival: the 20th annual china international exhibition on food additives and ingredients (fic) 2016, yes, fic comes again! fic has become asia's largest and highest degree of internationalization and the most authoritative professional food additives and ingredients industry exhibition, is called the year's top industry event and the most industry international brand exhibition of cohesion. this year's exhibition scale exceeds than the past.during that time, the customers at home and abroad will come and celebrate the meeting.

plum appreciation reason: meihua group to be shown in the exhibition is a world leading supplier in the field of amino acids. with leading biological fermentation technology, in the field of food, it has msg, i g, trehalose, xanthan gum, and many other gold medal products.during this fic, the meihua will be there with its various products, we sincerely invite friends from every field to appreciate.

plum appreciation notice: meihua is a regulars of the fic exhibition, and in this exhibition, meihua also has largest scale and the highest specifications, largest group and most attractive decoration exhibition.this year, the meihua still heavily shows their new product, constant concept, cooperation and the sincerity.

watching focus of plum appreciation:

meihua new trehalose, as new products in 2015, once appeared, it was praised relying on excellent quality and high cost performance, once the demand exceeded supply, both at home and abroad market, themeihua trehalose is a local tyrant with crazy attraction.

food grade xanthan gum: it is true good only after customer’s recognition. in order to better meet the market needs, xanthan gum quality has passed through many times of upgrade, and the price is also very attractive.

meihua monosodium glutamate: outstanding product, meihua monosodium glutamate, is really… (a lot of words to say)

by the chance of fic, meihua wishes to deeply negotiate with customers from all social circles, try to satisfy the demand of customers and let the customers feel our sincerity with on distance

march 23-25, in shanghai fic, we will be together!

name: the 20th china international exhibition on food additives and ingredients (fic2016)

address: national conference and exhibition center (no. 333 songze avenue, shanghai)

stand: no 5 hill, 51h20/51j21 (meihua special area)

meihua reception hotline: miss zhang, 4009-600873

the contact words: meihua, focusing on biotechnology. building and sharing better future



食品原料&添加剂 food raw materials & additives

谷氨酸钠msg(monosodium glutamate)

海藻糖 trehalose

食品级黄原胶 food grade

核苷酸i g


那他霉素 natamycin

普鲁兰多糖 pullulan


饲料添加剂feed additives

l-色氨酸 l-tryptophan

l-苏氨酸 l-threonine

l-赖氨酸硫酸盐 l-lysine sulfate

l-赖氨酸盐酸盐 l-lysine hcl


医药原料&食品配料 apls&food ingredients

l-谷氨酰胺 l-glutamine

l-异亮氨酸 l-proline

l-亮氨酸 l-leucine

l-缬氨酸 l-valine


















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