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our tongliao meihua won the 2013 annual autonomous region president quality award


in april 2014, we heard that good news: in the inner mongolia autonomous region under the fierce competition between dozens of large-scale enterprise, tongliao meihua stood out from the crowd and won the the highest quality honor of inner mongolia autonomous region ,the 2013 annual “president quality award ".

the inner mongolia autonomous region president quality award is an annual award which is main granted the units registered in the autonomous region, have extensive social popularity and influence, implement management model with excellent performance, locate in the leading position of the industry in the quality management level and capacity for independent innovation and have achieved significant economic and social benefits. in principle, every year the award-winning units should be not more than five and the award is with very high industry recognition.

the evaluation and election was officially launched in august. with the leading of the technology department, various departments of tongliao meihua work together, prepare the affairs for material compiling and report. material review work smoothly passed in november. the autonomous region quality reward accreditation committee performed on site review for the 9 companies with shortlisted qualification. on december 4, autonomous region and city, the two levels of bureau of quality supervision and evaluation experts arrived in our company and started the on-site review. each relevant department of tongliao company made detailed report and corresponding interpretation which introduced our company's daily quality management well, obtained affirmation and recognition from expert panels, and finally our company was awarded the president quality prize.

this achievement of meihua group was owed to that meihua group has always insisted that "quality is life of enterprise” over the years. from the narrow quality of products and services to the present more generalized management quality, meihua always deems the quality management work as a matter related to the survival of the enterprise. when it comes to this declaration, tongliao meihua general manager wang aimin said: the autonomous region president quality award is a reward that evaluates the comprehensive quality management level of an enterprise. it uses the most advanced, most scientific standards. this declaration of tongliao meihua, for our management, is a comprehensive assessment and evaluation. through external expert evaluation and self evaluation, we found the ascension space of our management level, which has a great role in promoting the development of the company.

the inner mongolia autonomous region president quality award is the highest quality award set up by autonomous region people's government, is the award to the enterprise which is with remarkable social benefit and economic benefit and has outstanding contribution to autonomous region quality development. the enterprise revived this honor not only can enjoy the special reward money, but also can use the mark of the quality award on the product packaging.

the quality management work of tongliao meihua company not only is widely preferred by customers, but also obtained the recognition and reward of related national department. in 2006 it awarded the china famous brand issued by the national industrial and commercial bureau, in 2011 it awarded the honorary title "inner mongolia autonomous region quality management advanced unit" issued by the people's government of inner mongolia autonomous region. in 2013 it awarded the honor "china high quality and honesty enterprise" issued by china entry-exit inspection and quarantine association.

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