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its scientific name is 2 -amino-4-formamide butyric acid. it is the amide of glutamic acid. l-glutamine is a coding amino acid in protein synthesis, a kind of non-essential amino acid of mammal and can be transformed and formed from glucose. 


basic information


character of product 

it is white crystal or crystal power; soluble in water, not soluble in methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, ether, benzene, acetone, chloroform and ethylacetate; odorless, slightly sweet tasted. 


l-glutamine is used as a nutritional supplement in food processing. what’s more, l-glutamine is a critical nutritional supplement for body building exercise and amateur. it (hereinafter referred to as glutamine) is the most abundant free amino acid in muscle and nearly covers 60% of the volume dose of free amino acid in human body. glutamine concentration in fasting plasma is 500-750umol/l. the glutamine is not essential amino acid. it can be compounded by glutamic acid, valine and isoleucine in human body. under disease, poor nutritional status or high strength sport and other stress state, the demand for glutamine of the body is increasing,so that the body synthesis can’t satisfy the demand. the glutamine is with various functions for body. 

1.muscle growth, is realized mainly through following aspects: 

provide body with required nitrogen source and promote protein synthesis in muscle cells; by means of cells compatibilization, promote growth and differentiation of muscle cells; stimulate secretion of growth hormone, insulin and testosterone and make the body in synthesis status. 

2.the glutamine is with function for strength enhancing. 

increase strength, endurance. during sport process, the increasing of body acid-stage metabolite acidizes the body fluid. the glutamine has potential to generate basic group so that in some degree it can decrease the reducing of athletic ability or fatigue caused by acidic material. 

3.it is a critical fuel of immune system that can strengthen the function of immune system

glutamine is with critical immune regulation effects. it is essential for secretion, proliferation and function maintenance of lymphocyte. 

4.involved in the glutathione synthesis (a kind of important antioxidant)

5.basic energy source for lumen cells of gastrointestinal tract. 

maintain structure and function of intestinal barrier: glutamine is a kind of essential nutrient substance for cellular metabolism of intestinal mucosa; it acts very important effect for integrity of intestinal mucosa epithelial structures. 

6.improve brain function

7.enhance the body antioxidant capacity. after supplementing glutamine, through maintaining and increasing gsh reserve in histocyte, it can increase body antioxidant ability, stabilize cell membrane and protein structure, protect liver, lungs, intestinal tract and other important vitals and immunocyte function, maintain normal function of kidney, pancreas, gall bladder and liver. 

8.the nutrition support reinforced by glutamine is with function for improving organic metabolism, nitrogen balance, and protein synthesis and increase total number of lymphocyte. 

9.glutamine can maintain the intestinal permeability for severe pancreatitis patients, reduce occurrence of enteric bacterial translocation, restrain the release of inflammatory mediator, reduce degree of systemic stress responses and shorten hospital stays. 

10.timely supplement glutamine in moderation, which can effectively prevent the decomposition of muscle protein; and through cell hydration, it also can increase cell volume and improve muscle growth. the glutamine is also one of few kinds of amino acid that improves release of growth hormone. researches indicate that orally taking 2g glutamine can increase 4 times of growth hormone degree, increase secretion of insulin and testosterone and enhance synthesis of muscle. 

researches show that timely supplementing glutamine in moderation, such as un glutamine, can effectively prevent the decomposition of muscle protein. other research believes that glutamine has function for collection of muscle glycogen.

11.control appetite, reduce fat and improve body proportion.

glutamine is a superior tool for fat reducing. the most exciting thing is that your body can use glutamine as energy source of brain, so that it can effectively restrain desire for carbohydrate. it also regulates blood sugar and nutrition metabolism, and is approved that it can effectively control compulsive desire for sugar and carbohydrate. 

since glutamine can adjust annoyed emotion, so that it also can be used in curing for alcohol desire during detoxification process. if you think your willpower isn’t powerful enough, take 1-2g glutamine after mixing it with water. 

applicable people

1.children——improve brain development and memory

2.recovering people after disease or surgery

edible method

1 spoon of glutamine is mixed with a cup of water or added with the whey protein powder or massive gainer and drunk together. 

exercise function

for athlete, glutamine level of blood plasma is a critical indicator for evaluating whether over training occurs. when the body building and other sports athletes are performing high intensity strength training, the body glutamine level reduces 50% (only several hours later after exercise it can recover former level). at this moment, if the enough glutamine can’t be supplemented through diet or self synthesis, the muscle protein appears decomposition to satisfy the body demand for glutamine. it not only affects the muscle volume, but also reduces the body immune ability, since the glutamine of immune system is mainly from release of skeletal muscle. long time, exhaustion excise makes the glutamine level of blood plasma is lower; somebody may keeps in low level for weeks, months, or even years. 

demand quantity

typical american diet daily provide with 3.5-7g glutamine contained in animal and plant protein. 

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