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nucleotide slag

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product description

nucleotide residue protein feed is a new kind of feed stuff. compared with other feed stuff, its blended feed cost is low. nucleotide is nature substances which is not rejected or causes toxic and side effect. it is a kind of indispensable nutrient substance in the growth process of nutrient substance. 

function and application

1.for fish and shrimp, it can promote growing in early stage, increase stress endurance and congenital adjustment and obtain immune reaction; it can enhance ability for disease, bacterial and parasitic infection resistance and improve fish growth and reproduction. 

2.for swine, cattle, sheep and other livestock, properly add nucleotide to maintain normal function of animal immune system, promote the development of gastrointestinal tract, and improve liver function and lipid metabolism. adding nucleotide protein feed in livestock feed can improve growth, feed utilization rate, disease resistance and meat quality. 

for newly born weaned piglet, since it is in rapidly growing period, when it faces stimulation and immune injury, the demand for nucleotide will be increased. since the piglet new weaned can’t compound enough nt because of nt compounding energy dissipation and lack of glutamine, the nt must be added in the standard feed of piglet. 

3.for poultry, it can improve growth performance and development of intestines and stomach, improve disease resistance and immune competence, increase nucleic acid and protein level in chick intestine mucosa, promote growth of intestinal villus, increase thickness of intestinal wall, reduce broken and soft eggs rate and improve eggshell quality.

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