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“monosidum glutanate”, is also called “gourmet powder”, which is a kind of sodium salt. its major components is sodium glutamate which is a sodium salt of amino acid. the glutamic acid is one of twenties amino acids which compose protein. the glutamic acid widely exists in plant and animal protein, such: soybean protein, wheat gluten and common food. the finished product of monosidum glutamate is white columnar crystalline or crystalline powder. it is a kind of flavor enhancing seasoning widely used domestic and overseas. 

raw material and production of monosidum glutanate

started in 1909, various countries in the world all use the technology of acid hydrolysis of wheat gluten to produce monosidum glutamate, while as a large consumption country with 80 years of monosidum glutamate consumption history, in our country, the monosidum glutamate industry all apply maize, rice and other grain crop through fermentation method to produce monosidum glutamate. 

firstly, make various kinds of crops into starch, and then perform starch saccharification, add zymophyte to use zymotechnics to produce glutamic acid. then through iso-electric crystallization, chilling separation, neutralized removing iron, decolor crystal, separation, drying and other processes, the sodium glutamate is produced with purity more than 99%. each step of the producing process is with strict production technology and quality detection system; the monosidum glutamate produced is pure natural green food produced by fermentation extracted, so that is healthy and harmless. 

nutritional benefits of monosidum glutamate

from the view of health and nutrition, monosidum glutamate embodies greater benefits: the monosidum glutamate molecule can make the human brain generating delicious feeling。 it widely exists in the food containing protein. after the monosidum glutamate is eaten, it generates glutamic acid in the human body which is a kind of amino acid contained on any kind of protein and good for human health. the main nutritional benefits of monosidum glutamate are: 

①monosidum glutamate can increase delicate flavor in cooked food, improve appetite of the eater, stimulate secretion of human digestive juice and contribute to digestive absorption of the food in human body;

②after the monosidum glutamate with the food comes into the human body, it is resolved into glutamic acid in alimentary canal, comes into blood and is transported into every parts of the human body. then it will join in various kinds of physiological necessary protein synthesis;

③the glutamic acid resolved from monosidum glutamate has special functions and act following important physiological actions: through the effects of aminotransferase, the glutamic acid transfers amidogen of its molecule to pyruvic acid and generates alanine; glutamic acid and the ammonia in blood are generated into glutamine which can reduce the risk of septicemia; glutamic acid combines with cystine, glycine, and generate glutathione which has excellent function for delaying senescence, promoting diseases recovering. it also can decompose the peroxide generated from body metabolic process so as to avoid the human body suffers from harm of peroxide. 

④other than improving people’s appetite, when cooperates with other medicine, it also may improve the function of brain tissue, enhance memory, settle down the emotion and also have a certain of effects for curing for hepatic coma and other diseases.

⑤from the view of safety, monosidum glutamate takes maize, rise as raw material. it is brewed with pure grain, applies natural extracting process and has purity more than 99%, so that it is a truly pure natural green food healthy and harmless. what’s more, our country has more than 90 years of experience for monosidum glutamate production, so that in each steps of the producing process, we all have strict, perfect standard requirements, production technology and product quality control to greatly guarantee the quality and safety of monosidum glutamate. 

national standard 99

on december 1, 2007, the new national standard gb/t8967-2007 sodium glutamate (monosidum glutamate) came into effect officially. the standard divides monosidum glutamate into three categories: ordinary monosidum glutamate, salting monosidum glutamate, flavor enhancing monosidum glutamate. these products, whether the salting monosidum glutamate or flavor enhancing monosidum glutamate, they all apply 99% sodium glutamate to perform salting or flavor enhancing, and are clearly indicated it on the package. it will be beneficial for industrial integral development, technical innovation and product structure optimization.

application fields of monosidum glutamate

before it combines with other blending flavors, pure sodium glutamate itself does not include enjoyable flavor. as a seasoning, with suitable dosage, sodium glutamate can enhance other active substance of flavor, balance and enrich entirety flavor of some cuisines. 

sodium glutamate can perfectly coordinate with meat, fish, poultry, various kinds of vegetable, seasoning, soup and marinade so that it adds entirety flavor of some food. sodium glutamate also generates interaction with salt (sodium chloride) and other delicate flavor materials (such as nucleotide). in order to create optimum flavor, it should apply proper concentration. since it is with these characteristics, sodium glutamate can be used for reducing intake of salt (sodium). even though the amount of salt is reduced 30%, the flavor of low salt food still can be improved by sodium glutamate. 

at present, the market includes more and more kinds of delicate flavor seasonings, such as essence of chicken, mushroom extract, extract of soup-stock and others. the customers have more and more selectivity. actually, these seasonings all have added monosidum glutamate with in different extent. the reason why they appear different flavors is that they adds chicken flavor, mushroom, lenthionine and others. they don’t have any alternative relationship with monosidum glutamate. the monosidum glutamate is suitable for any dishes and soup. 

besides, monosidum glutamate is a kind of very important food additives, so that it also have very important application in domestic convenient food, meat product, seasoning product and other product. 

the recommended dose of monosidum glutamate in salty food :


how much dosage is suitable for monosodium glutamate?

the monosodium glutamate dosage at home and restaurant is generally 0.2-0.5% of food quantity, such as: dosage in vegetable: 0.15-0.2%; dosage in fish and meat: 0.17%—0.25%; dosage in soup: 0.1%—0.2%; dosage in fried food: 0.17%—0.2%; dosage in salad vegetables: 0.15%—0.35%; dosage in meat stuffing: 0.2%. because of the different geographical location in china, people from north china and south china have different flavor, it can be added appropriate according to their favor. 

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