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basic information

english name:leucine

function application

leucine is can be used as nutritional supplement, seasoning and flavoring substance. it can be used to prepare amino acid transfusion and synthesized amino acid injection, hypoglycemic agent and plant growth promoting agent.

the functions of leucine include cooperating with isoleucine and valine to repair muscle, control blood glucose and provide body with energy. it also can improve the output of growth hormone, help to burn visceral fat; this fat is within the body and can’t be effective consumed only through diet and exercise. 

leucine, isoleucine, and valine are branched chain amino acids, which are conducive to promoting muscle recovery after training. the included leucine is the most effective branched chain amino acids which can effectively prevent muscle loss since it can be rapidly resolved and transformed into glucose. adding glucose can prevent damage of muscular tissue, therefore it especially fit bodybuilder. leucine also improves healing of skeleton, skin and damaged muscular tissue, so that doctors usually advise applying leucine supplement after surgery.

the best food sources for leucine include brown rice, beans, meat, nuts, soybean meal, and whole grains. since it is a kind of essential amino acid, it means that it can’t be produced by humans themselves and can only be obtained by diet. people engaging in high strength physical activities and obtaining low protein diet should consider supplementing leucine. although it can apply independent supplementary form, it is preferred to be supplemented mutually with isoleucine and valine. therefore the mixed type supplement is more convenient. 

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