our company to participate in the 12th world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition of china"(cphi)-bsport体育官网

our company to participate in the 12th world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition of china"(cphi)




on june 26, 2014, our company took the “12th world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition of china "and" 2014 world contract custom service of china"phi, icse  bioph china 2014), the exhibition in shanghai new international expo center revived an upsurge that personnel in the global pharmaceutical industry gathered in the exhibition. the departments of our company join exhibition included pullulan business division, pharmaceutical raw materials department, international trade department, etc., the products involved in are all kinds of amino acid, xanthan gum, pullulan polysaccharides, plant polysaccharide gum, pullulan polysaccharides capsules.

pullulan was the new product of our company. it had appeared in api shanghai in march, chengdu pharmaceutical raw material and adjuvant exhibition in april, and had obtained good market response. this time it joined cphi, merchants and enterprises at home and abroad are very interested in our products, so that it achieved good promotion effect agian. some manufacturers were very interested in the application of pullulan that used on film and coating and were performing research and development on this application. pullulan have good film-forming property, not only is the main material of slice crisp, but also can be used as edible packaging materials for further promotion.

for pullulan polysaccharide gum at the same time, during the display, the pullulan polysaccharides division director, capsule general engineer, general sales manager visited every large capsule manufacturers, producers in the same industry had very high recognition for our capsule products, our pullulan capsules compared with some other plants capsule (hpmc), had great advantages. not like hpmc, the capsule raw material polysaccharide doesn’t appear dissolving stratification. its development prospect in future is promissing.

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