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china's food safety net: new highlight in biological antiseptic agent, meihua natamycin bring food safety with good news

natamycin, at first glance listening to up feel is strange, most on its uses more is not is understand, but it is indispensable in our life, food of anti-corrosion and save full by it, has natamycin, we delicious of food only can keep long and losing flavor, edible up only more security, this for manufacturers and consumers for are is very good of a gospel.

natamycin is a new broad spectrum, efficient natural food preservatives, is the only internationally approved antifungal bio-preservative, which can not only inhibit the fungus, can also inhibit toxin production in use does not affect the flavor of the product, and easily absorbed by the digestive tract, and micro-organisms is difficult to resist, which the human body is very safe.

difference yu currently market shang by using of chemical preservatives, biological preservatives natamycin has congenital of favourable advantage, in people increasingly attention health and food security of today, biological preservatives to its health, and natural, and green of features, will more meet people of diet habits and lifestyle, also will gradually replaced chemical preservatives, for human of food anti-corrosion of progress and security created new of future.

meihua group is a leading global manufacturer of flavor and amino acid, is an important one in the field of food processing, meihua focuses on food safety, to provide consumers with healthy, green products, offers solutions, improve the level of life quality. in recent years, meihua in amino acids field accumulated large advanced experience of based shang, after development personnel conquer all technology problem, using microbial fermentation method, to corn for raw materials, after more road process made has green health of biological preservatives-- natamycin, for promoted domestic food security construction made huge contribution, for people of body health provides has well-being, achieved has company milestone type of development and across.

natamycin, with quality of quality and reasonable of price positioning, a listed will occupy mainstream market, became food preservatives field in the of a star shiny of star products, due to na he mold pigment of application ranges widely, can for baking food, and beer, and wine, and juice, and soft drinks and energy beverage, and fruit, food of anti-corrosion preservation, so, natamycin of market space very big, will became meihua in amino acids field in the punches of important a very.

in addition, add very small amounts of natamycin can have a very good effect, and its use is relatively simple and can be made through suspension soaked or sprayed on the surface of food, if it is a liquid food, more can be added directly using. therefore, very broad prospects for application of natamycin, plus meihua leading group of industry leaders, i believe the consumers, the products, the enterprise can achieve win-win situation, will have a better future.

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