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new mei hua trehalose brand comes out


trehalose is a kind of safe and reliable nature sugar. its property is very stable. it has protection function for many kinds of active substances. it can generate a protective membrane on the cell surface under high temperature, alpine, hyperosmosis, dry and other mal-conditions to effectively protect the protein molecule from degeneration and inactivation, so that it has a good reputation of “life sugar” in scientific community. trehalose has a very wide market prospect in food, medicine and cosmetics industry. the food added with trehalose is easily to achieve the effect that “keep it in newly made state and maintain its freshness”; in medicine, the trehalose is used replace the plasma proteins which is used as stabilizer of blood products, vaccine, lymphocyte, cell tissue and other bioactive compounds and can prevent the hepatitis b, aids and other fatal disease propagation caused by blood borne pollution; in cosmetics industry, trehalose is with good compatibility and stability and can be added into any cosmetics.

therefore, trehalose is a kind of product with abundant application prospect. from 1995, japan began to use the trehalose in food. at 1997, its monthly sales volume reached to 500 tons; at 1999, the annual sales volume reached to 5 16,000-20,000 tons; up to now, only hayashibara is performing mass production, with total sales volume 40,000tons, including 30,000 tons in japan, 3,000 tons in chinese main land, 1,500 tons in taiwan, 6000 tons in europe, america and other asian countries. from 2010-2014, global consumption volume of trehalose was annually increased 2-4 tons. because of limit of technology and price factors, at present, all over the world, only hayashibara and american cargill have ability to operate normal production. the max capacity is 100,000 tons which is far from meeting the enormous market demands. 

in 2013, meihua biology established trehalose r&d project team. through 2 years of research and tests, we have achieved technical breakthrough and obtained mature manufacturing technique; the product indexes has been equal with hayashibara. in june, 2015, the semi-works plant formally published the trehalose product. the capacity of one phrase is initially determined 1500 tons/year; in future we will gradually implement a production expansion plan according to the market conditions; and we plan to realize 30,000-50,000 tons production plan within 2-3 years so as to fill the global market gaps of trehalose and popularize the national brand. 

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