the 2016 hurun brand list:meihua groupbrand value is up to 54% higher than last year.-bsport体育官网

the 2016 hurun brand list:meihua groupbrand value is up to 54% higher than last year.


the 2016 hurun brand list has been released recently. meihua group has been on the list in the last four years. the increasing ranking is the largest among 17 food and beverage brands on the list in china. the brand value is 4.3 billion, or up to 54% higher than last year. it is outstanding in msg industry.

meihua msg, which belongs to meihua group (sh.600873), is a famous brand in china's condiment industry. both the brand awareness and influence are also evidenced by the hurun list. meihua has persistently tried to improve the brand connotation and strengthen channel construction these years. remarkable results have been received on international and domestic market service, marketing, quality etc.. the brand value has been greatly promoted. 

that only meihua msg was selected out of all in the msg industry shows that the basic pattern of the msg industry has been set after the previous round of industry consolidation. it is hard to shake the position of meihua msg. some of the sauce brands were unsuccessful, while meihua msg rose. it also shows the intense competition in the complex condiment market and the product is easy to be substituted. msg is necessary to both enterprises and people as a kind of food ingredient or flavor additive. the facts and data tell back to the baseless claim “msg is harmful”. it also shows that consumers’ lifestyle gradually changes to be more rational. they don’t only pursue taste and flavor any longer but a healthier and greener lifestyle. they are more willing to cook food with simple favoring.

it’s known that there are in total 200 chinese most valuable brands on 2016 hurun brand list. it is unique in china that the consumers’ views were considered and were transformed into value in statistics. hurun brand list is believable and has a remarkable influence in the field.   

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