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our subsidiary guang sheng medicine capsule products make a stage pose at the 74th api china trade fair



on may 15, 015, the 74th session of china international pharmaceutical apis intermediate packaging/equipment fair (api china) national convention center in shanghai grand opening, as the largest chinese medicine industry, the influence of the most widely industry event, gathered a lot of industry renowned manufacturers like wide raw capsule, exhibition content involves research and development, production, management and services such as medical industry chain of each link.

shanxi guang sheng medicine capsule co., ltd., founded in 1983, the annual production capacity of 30 billion grain, is the largest scale and highest capacity domestic capsules professional manufacturers, in 2014 the first capsule sales.

according to introducing, shanxi guang sheng medicine capsule co., ltd., production of medicinal hollow capsules, the main varieties include gelatin capsules, enteric capsule, cellulose capsule, pullulan capsule and isinglass capsule. products have been exported to north america, europe and southeast asia and other countries and regions, msg to name the major sold to tianjin smithkline, tiens group, the infinite pole, yangtze river pharmaceutical, beijing tongrentang group, north china pharmaceutical group, guangzhou pharmaceutical group, shaanxi step pharmaceuticals, shandong xinhua pharmaceutical, zhangzhou pien tze huang pharmaceutical more than 700 pharmaceutical companies, accounting for 20% of domestic market share.

shanxi guang sheng capsule is china pharmaceutical packaging association, deputy director of committee member units, in the capsule industry business, guild regulations making technological innovation, product pharmacopoeia standards. the company won the national pharmaceutical industry "drug quality good faith construction demonstration enterprise" title, through the registration of dmf, nsf certification, the european union, the brc certification, jewish certification, halal certification, iso9001 quality management system, iso14001 environmental management system, ohsas18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. company's products won eight national patent certificate, two patents of invention is declared.

as domestic capsule manufacturing industry strong performer , shanxi guang sheng is not content with the status quo, capsule project investment of 260 million yuan in 2013 new high-end plants, 28 planning configuration has the international advanced level of capsule production line, 14 production lines have been put into production in 2014, the second phase is expected to begin at the end of guang sheng, at that time, wide raw company will be new jobs of 300 people, new production value 380 million yuan, the realization of profit tax of 120 million yuan, capsule grain production will reach 40 billion, 30% of the market share of the capsule, there is no doubt that the market has the competitive advantage of a place in the capsule.

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